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Core Sales Manager Techniques

Learn techniques to review and increase usage of sales-i

This course is for you if… 

  • You manage a team of sales-i users 
  • You have a vested interest in seeing sales-i succeed in your business 
  • You want hints and tips to combat reduced engagement with sales-i 
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Course Overview 


Introduction to Core Sales Manager Techniques

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Login Reporting 

Login Summary Report

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CRM Reporting 

Call Spend Summary 

Call Outcome Report

Hints and tips to combat low CRM usage

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Campaign Management 

Viewing and interpreting a Campaign’s Processing Statistics

Hints and tips to get your Campaigns noticed

Common reasons for underutilization of Campaigns 

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Snapshot Configuration

Update and save the date range for your Snapshot

Add your Company Branding to your Snapshot

Re-order, edit, or remove the pages in your Snapshot

Save your Snapshot Configuration and copy it to your team

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Course Complete! 

Conclusion to Core Sales Manager Techniques


Core Sales Manager Techniques Quiz

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