How to use the prospect importer

Using the Prospect Importer feature allows you to add in your own prospects and significantly cuts down the time it takes us to get you live and using the sales-i system. Please note this feature is for Power Users only.

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Step 1: Go to Control Panel

From the navigation bar at the top, select Control Panel.


Step 2: Import

Click Import, from the left hand column. Once selected, the Prospect Importer log page will load.


Step 3: File Headers

Get File Headers tool will give you an Excel document populated with all of the headers that sales-i will use to organize your data, so you can copy and paste your data into the matching columns.

Please Note: It is critical that the upload file is formatted correctly for the import to be successful. Click Get File Headers to ensure the format is correct.


Step 4: Download Report

Your file is now ready to download, to do so, click Download Your Report.*

*Your browser may block this, so make sure your settings allow pop-ups.

Open up the file, copy and paste your data in and, when you’re finished, save as either a .csv or .txt file.


Step 5: New Import

You can start to import your data by selecting New Import. This can be found in the top left of the import screen.

how to use the prospect importer 5-01 copy

Step 6: Import Instructions

Click Next.


Step 7: Upload File

Once in the new import window, click the green + sign in the bottom left-hand corner, find your file and then, click Upload, which will be visible in the bottom right hand corner.


Step 8: Set Data Headers

Select whether your data has headers and how the headers are separated (by comma, tab or pipe). If you’ve saved as a .csv file, your data will be separated by commas.

Make sure that the Text-Qualified box is ticked and then click Preview followed by Next.


Step 9: Match Columns

Now, go through each tab (Company Details, Company Address etc.) matching up your columns with those available from the list.

Don’t worry, some can be left blank.

When you’re done, click Next.


Step 10: Check Data

You will now see a final preview of your data.

If you spot any issues, click the Back button to go back and adjust your import.

Click Next, to complete your import.


Need additional help?

Drop us an email regarding your query to and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Alternatively, speak to a sales-i representative on Live Chat.