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Day in the Life of a Desk Based Salesperson

This course will teach best practice on how to use sales-i during a typical day in the life of a desk based salesperson.

This course is for you if… 

  • You are a salesperson that works mostly on a desktop or laptop computer; whether that’s in an office, or remotely 
  • You have completed the sales-i Essentials training and understand what sales-i is and how it can help you have a more productive relationship with your customers
  • You want to understand how sales-i can help you be an even better salesperson in your daily routine


Course Overview

Introduction (~1.5 mins)


Get off to a good start (~5 mins)

Introduction to 'Get off to a good start'

Arriving at your office

Get off to a good start - knowledge check

Before calling your customer… (~8 mins)

Introduction to 'Before calling your customer'

Preparing for your call – Customer Information

Preparing for your call – Sales Data

Calling your customer

Before calling your customer - knowledge check

During/After a call (~6.5 mins)

Introduction to 'During/After a call'

Adding and sharing call notes

Call, converse and record

During/After a call - knowledge check

Dealing with the unexpected (~6.5 mins)

Introduction to 'Dealing with the unexpected'

Adding an unplanned call

Schedule and reschedule future calls

Dealing with the unexpected - knowledge check

During downtime (~11.5 mins)

Introduction to ‘During downtime’

Drill into your customer’s sales data

Action Enquiries results

During downtime - knowledge check

Quiz (~5 mins)

Introduction to the 'Day in the Life of a Desk Based Salesperson Quiz'

Conclusion (~1.5 mins)

Day in the Life of a Desk Based Salesperson: Course complete!