Best practice when contacting sales-i support

In order to provide you the fastest resolution to your issue, it's vital sales-i support are given as much information as possible. Here are some suggestions...

Need support quickly? Try the Knowledge Hub

Our Knowledge Hub is regularly updated with support articles and guides. Searching for your issue here first can result in a much quicker resolution to your issue. 

Need training? Use the sales-i Training Academy

The sales-i Training Academy is an ever-expanding, online learning platform where you can master the sales-i Essentials all the way through to our sales-i Masterclasses.

Self-paced, on-demand training courses give you the flexibility to learn in your own space and at your own pace. 

Contact Us - best practice for a faster resolution

If you cannot find what you need via our Knowledge Hub or Training Academy, you will need to contact us. In order to provide you the fastest resolution to your issue, please provide as much of the below information as possible...

  1. Steps to reproduce
    Include as much detail you can about the steps you took to produce the issue. What you clicked on.
  2. Send Screenshots
    Screenshots can be a vital resource for our support team to fully understand your issue. Where possible, sending them can really help speed up our time to resolution of your issue. 
  3. Include detail
    Send us as much information you can about your issue. If there are any error messages on screen, any invoice numbers and/or customer details, and so on.

Need answers in real-time? Use Live Chat or Phone

During normal office open hours (UK and US - Central), you can make use of our Live Chat facility by opening up the red live chat icon (in the bottom right of your screen) to speak to one of our Helpdesk Analysts in real-time. 

Alternatively, give us a call on...

US Tel: 1-847-868-8175

UK Tel: 0121 3742004

AU Tel: +6102-9220-5108

Got a question? Get in touch

You can contact us here and we will get back to you within 24-hours.