How to change the language used in sales-i

sales-i is now available in German, Spanish and French language options. This guide will show you how to select between the different languages.

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Desktop (Power Users Only)

Step 1: Click Control Panel

Click Control Panel at the top of the screen.



Step 2: Select Manage Users

From the grey tabs available across the screen, click Manage Users.



Step 3: Select a user

Next, select the user you want to change languages for and click Edit User.



Step 4: Click Language Preferences

From the window that opens, click Language Preferences on the far right.



Step 5: Choose a language

Finally, choose a language. Your user will now be able to change the language themselves.




Step 1: Tap on Settings

For iOS, the language can be changed by going through to your phone Settings:

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Sales-i.

Here you will be able to select the language settings:


When you open sales-i again, it will be in Spanish:

Sales-i spanish


Step 1: Tap on the current language

On the login screen, tap on the current language, which is visible underneath the Autopilot button, towards the bottom of your screen.



Step 2: Select language

Now, simply choose the language you want to view the app in.