How to create an activity Target

This guide is for power users only. It will show you how to score the drop down options in the Record Card to encourage your team to focus on the behaviours that lead to sales. Note: The ‘Sales Activity’ section is a paid for add-on.


Download a PDF version

Step 1: Go to Control Panel

From the top navigation, click Control Panel.



Step 2: Record Card

On this new screen, select the Record Card option from the left-hand navigation.



Step 3: Select Setup Option

From these options click on the Setup icon.



Step 4: Edit Record

Use the Edit Record Card for Notes/History button at the top of these screen

*From this screen you can edit the criteria for the various areas of the Record Card section.



Step 5: Advanced Drill

Three options will appear; you need to select the Edit List Items for the first option Call Type.



Step 6: Allocate Scores

Here you can enter your points-per-activity into the Score column based on the points you wish to allocate next to each Call Type.



Step 7: Submit Edits

When you’ve finished entering the details click Submit List Changes at the bottom of the column.



Step 8: Save Edits

This will take you to the previous page, this time click the Submit Card Changes in the bottom right corner to apply the change overall.