How to prepare Email Integration for sales-i set up

This guide will show you how to prepare a riva account so that it's ready for the sales-i team to complete the set up.

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Step 1: Visit the riva website

Go to and click on the green FREE TRIAL button in the top right corner.

Riva Step 1-01


Step 2: Complete contact details

Fill-in the First name and Last name fields, along with your Email Address.

Agree that you’re not a robot and click the blue CONTINUE button.

Riva Step 2-01


Step 3: Verification

You’ll now receive an email with a verification code from Riva, please copy it from your email, paste it into the Verification Code field and click the blue CONTINUE button.

If you don’t receive an email within a minute please check your junk/spam filter settings. Without a verification code, you cannot complete the setup.

Riva Step 3-01


Step 4: Company details

Fill in your company details in the required fields.

In the CRM section please select Other.

In the email system please select your email host: Office 365/Exchange/Gmail.

Select your Data Residency Region: European customers, select Europe, US customers, select US.

Check the tick box to acknowledge that you are responsible for the management, data privacy and security of this account and accept the terms and conditions and click the blue CONTINUE button.

Riva Step 4-01


Step 5: Create Username

You now need to create your username.

Select Option 2. Build Your Own.

Please Note: The format of the username has to follow the guidelines of

e.g if your company is called Acme Hammer Inc the username should be

Create and confirm your Secure Password, tick the Terms and Conditions box and then click the green COMPLETE button.

Riva Step 5-01


Step 6: Terms and Conditions

Read the terms and conditions and click the blue Accept button in the bottom right hand corner.

Riva step 6-01


Step 7: Contact sales-i

The account registration has been completed.

You now need to email the username to and telephone sales-i support separately to arrange exchanging the password.

You can contact sales-i support by calling:

UK: 0345 508 7355

USA: 1-847-868-8175.

Please Note: We do not recommend sharing passwords via email.

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