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The Sales vs. Gaps Enquiry on a Mobile Device

This session is for those looking to monitor spending habits throughout the year. Everything you need to find sales success on the road with your mobile device, including:

  • Setting custom date ranges to organize data points
  • How to track spend of customers, products,  sales reps, and other forms of data
  • How to organize and digest data to be ready at any moment, with any customers, anywhere in the world on your mobile device
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The Variance Enquiry on a Mobile Device

This session is for those looking to establish their top priority customers, and truly understand why they are your top. This includes:

  • Best practices in comparing customers year on year, month on month, or any date range you need
  • How to recognize customers dropping in spend, and finding exacting information to rectify the situation
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The Full Picture Enquiry on a Mobile Device

This session is for users who want to gain insights on their top performing customers and their buying habits over time, including:

  • How to navigate the Enquiries section of the platform
  • Developing and using actionable intelligence for off-site meetings
  • How to digest and interpret customer data to make a difference in your sales
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Utilising your Diary Effectively as an On-The-Road Salesperson

This session is for users who want to supercharge their sales activities on the road and use the mobile platform effectively. This includes:

  • How to maximize the platform while staying mobile and being out on the road
  • Streamlining how you manage your day, from start to end
  • Best practices for scheduling and making sure you make the most of your day
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Making the Most of Saved Account Searches

This session guides users in effective use of saved searches and how they can speed up your workflows exponentially, including:

  • How to quickly access accounts through saved searches
  • Managing multiple saved searches and how they can work together
  • Unique and clever ways to create saved searches for maximum ease of use
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Building and Utilising Campaigns

This session is for users who want to learn a bit more on how to effectively build and manage their campaigns. This session includes:

  • How to build campaigns from the ground up
  • Assigning campaigns to sales reps for maximum effectiveness
  • How to create and establish opportunities using your campaigns
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CRM on a mobile device.

This session is for users who want to manage customer accounts on the road. The session goes into:

  • MyCalls and the accounts functions of the mobile version of the software.
  • Using the CRM, including researching accounts before a meeting and detailing opportunities that have been created.
  • How to document meeting notes after any off-site interactions.
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Desktop overview of sales-i.

This session is a brief overview of every function of sales-i. You will learn how to get the most out of the sales-i platform, including:

  • an explanation of how some functions link with others to ensure you get the most out of sales-i's functionality.
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The Variance and Sales vs Gaps Enquiry on a mobile device.

This session is designed for users who use the software on a mobile device. Enquiries is a great way to drill into customer data, before off-site meetings. This session covers:

  • How to use Enquiries on the road to make the best of your sales opportunities.
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Using campaigns as a sales person.

This session is for sales people that want to be able to use Campaigns effectively. Although Campaigns are built by power users, sales users have the ability to analyse the results in several different ways.

  • This session is specifically tailored to Campaigns and helping you to make the most of it.
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Alternative Enquiries.

This session is designed for users who want to understand how to analyse the data in different ways. It looks at:

  • The different functions available to you when it comes to sorting and drilling down into your data.
  • Identifying those functions you may not use on a regular basis, but may find useful for your day-to-day business operations.
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Adding and tracking opportunities.

This session shows you how to monitor your opportunities in a more effective way. We will also look at:

  • How to add these opportunities to your pipeline, edit and track them.
  • How to link your opportunities to individual appointments.
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Overview and functionalities of sales-i on a mobile device.

This session is specifically designed for those using sales-i on the road. It also covers:

  • All elements of the functionality available to you.
  • Maximising your time management skills using sales-i.
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Enquiries on a mobile device.

This session is for those who want to be able to interrogate data on the road. It also covers:

  • The Enquiries function of the mobile device .
  • How to use Enquiries and break down our data to create intelligent, intuitive conversations between you and your clients and how to put these into practice on a day-to-day basis.
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Using and customising the CRM.

This session looks in detail at the CRM feature on the desktop version of sales-i and covers:

  • Core features.
  • How to customise the CRM to ensure it fits the culture of your organisation by allowing the language and processes to become more familiar to your employees.
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