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sales-i User Types

Wondering why your colleague has different sales-i functionality to you? Here's an overview of the different user types available in sales-i, and their varying functionality.

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There are a number of different user types in sales-i, suited to different roles within a business.

Sales User

Sales User is the most common user type and provides access to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enquiries features of sales-i. 

Power User

Power Users are the system administrators with access to all areas of sales-i, including exclusive functionality like Add and Manage Users, CRM setup, and the CRM Export.

Team Leader

A variation of the Sales User, the Team Leader has additional access to functionality like Create Campaigns, Create Targets, and Report on Other Users. 

Marketing User

Not unlike the Team Leader, the Marketing User is a variation of the Sales User but with the added ability to Create Campaigns.


Want to discuss upgrading your user account? Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will be happy to help.