How to add and remove users from a campaign

This guide will show you how to add and remove a users access to a campaign's results so that they will see (or no longer see) and receive notifications for a campaign.

This could be useful if you have been running a promotion but this promotion has now come to an end, so the campaign is no longer useful for that Rep.


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Step 1: Select Campaigns

From the Home screen, click the CAMPAIGNS tab.

Assigning users to campaigns 1


Step 2: Select a campaign

Now, click the campaign you would like to assign or remove a user from.

Assigning users to campaigns 2


Step 3: Click Rename /Subscriptions

Next, click Rename / Subscriptions on the top right hand side.

Please Note: Only Power Users/Team Leaders will have this function.

Assigning users to campaigns 3-01


Step 4: Click the grey arrow next to All Users

Next, click the grey arrow next to All Users, this will open up a list of all users you can add or remove.

Assigning users to campaigns 4


Step 5: Tick or untick a user

Tick or untick a user to add or remove them from being able to see your selected Campaign.

All users Tick or untick-01


Step 6: Email notifications

Now, tick the Email Notifications box next to their name if you would like them to receive campaign notifications.

You can also choose when you want these email notifications to go out, by selecting from the Notification Schedule options.

how to add or remove users from a campaign 6-01


Step 7: Click Finished

Finally, to save your changes, click the green Finished button on the right hand side.