How to run a diagnostics test and send it to sales-i

If sales-i isn’t working quite right, you can run a diagnostic report and send the results to sales-i, so we can get you back on track. Please note: This feature is currently only available for Apple devices.


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Step 1: Tap the i icon

From the sales-i home screen, tap the i icon in the bottom left corner.

how to run a diagnostics report 1-01


Step 2: Tap Diagnostics

Tap Diagnostics.

Run a diagnotics report 2-01


Step 3: Tap Start Diagnostics

Tap Start Diagnostics.

Run a diagnotics report 3-01


Step 4: Internet access

The app will first go and check to see if you have internet access. If the Google and Bing steps go red it means that you’re not connected to the internet.

Run a diagnotics report 4-01



Step 5: Send to sales-i

You can also send your results and a description of the issue to the sales-i support team for additional assistance.

Simply tap Send to sales-i support.

Run a diagnotics report 5-01


Step 6: Tap Send.

This will open up your email application.

Please type any additional information about your issue here and tap Send.

Run a diagnotics report 6-01