How to sync MyCalls to your Gmail account

This guide shows you how to sync your MyCalls schedule with your Gmail account, so you can see all your upcoming appointments and calls on your Gmail calendar.


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Step 1: Go to MyCalls

From the black navigation bar at the top of the screen, click MyCalls.



Step 2: Click Subscribe

In the MyCalls screen, you will see a button in the top right beneath your company logo which says Subscribe, click this.



Step 3: Copy second URL

A new window should open, and you should see two URL addresses. The bottom address is for Google Calendar in Gmail. Highlight this URL address and copy it.



Step 4: Click the 9 small tiles icon

Now, in a new tab, go onto and sign in. In the top right, you will see 9 small tiles just to the right of your account name. Click them.



Step 5: Click Calendar

From the options that open up click Calendar.



Step 6: Click the + icon

Now, on the left panel, click the + icon to Add other calendars.



Step 7: Click: From URL

Next, click From URL



Step 8: Click Add calendar

Paste the URL you copied earlier into the URL box. (If you’ve lost it, just quickly jump back into sales-i and copy it again.) Once it’s pasted in, click Add Calendar.

Your MyCalls calendar is now synced with your Gmail account.



Step 9: Change Calendar name

We recommend changing the name of the calendar to something like sales-i or MyCalls, so you can easily find this calendar next time you access your gmail calendars.