How to sync your MyCalls calendar with Outlook (PC only)

This guide will show you how to sync your Outlook calendar* with your MyCalls calendar. *This guide only works on PC versions of Outlook 2010 and beyond.

Download a PDF version


Step 1: Go to MyCalls

From the black navigation bar at the top of the screen, click MyCalls.




Step 2: Subscribe

Click Subscribe.



Step 3: Get Link

A window will pop up on your screen.

Copy the link text



Step 4: Add Calendar

Now, go into Outlook and right click on My calendars.

Select Add calendar and then From Internet.



Step 5: Paste the link

Paste the link you just copied into the bar that appears and click OK.



Step 6: Upload Link

Enter your sales-i User name and password into the new box that appears and click OK.



Step 7: Give Permission to Sync

Once entered, an Outlook subscription window will open. Select Yes and you will now be able to sync calls through MyCalls. Please note: It may take a few minutes for your calls to sync across and display.




You may wish to right click on your new calendar and Rename Calendar into something useful, e.g. ‘sales-i MyCalls’.