Add and manage contacts in sales-i CRM with ease. Add accounts, log notes, track prospects and save your favourite searches for future reference.


Make every interaction personal and profitable with Autopilot on your iOS or Android device.

Autopilot is designed to make the meeting preparation process easier. Taking your activity for the day ahead and automatically producing all the information you need to make every sales meeting a success, including a snapshot report, key financials and any outstanding sales opportunities.

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Campaign Manager can be used to create targeted calling lists or Campaigns that empower your sales team with a clear reason to call. Campaigns can be as creative as you need: from identifying valuable cross-selling opportunities to monitoring any customers that are down in spend in a particular product group in a certain region; Campaign Manager is the proactive tool that will ensure you never miss another sales opportunity again.

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Command Post (PAID ADD ON)

Command Post provides a holistic view of your entire business. Available exclusively to Power Users, it is the easy way to monitor Record Card activity in real-time and stay on top of sales performance.

· View your company’s performance via a graphical dashboard

· Manage your sales performance to meet company targets

· Gather general statistics such as amount of sales closed, value, new spenders and more

To add Command Post to your account, please contact your account manager by clicking on the button below.

Control Panel

Control panel is the admin area of sales-i. Where you can configure your system, make restrictions to users, check on call history notes or the opportunity pipeline.

Document Storage (PAID ADD ON)

Document Storage gives you the ability to store and share your documents online against any account in the Record Card. You can store everything from order forms, sales presentations, quotations, and brochures within the Record Card in sales-i for easy access and collaboration.

  • Easier collaboration as every user can access important files
  • Remove the reliance on external storage programs
  • Upload any file format – Word, Powerpoint, PDF, Excel and images

To add Document Storage to your account, please contact your account manager.


Enquiries provide a complete overview of your business’ performance.

  • Variance gives immediate insights into any changes in customer spend across two of your chosen date ranges. Use this enquiry to identify and stop any falling sales across your customer base.
  • Variance+ is similar in format to Variance but also includes additional measurements in a single screen for a more detailed analysis including profit, sales, quantity and variance.
  • The Trends enquiry compares your performance for this year compared to last. This enquiry is great for monitoring your Year To Date headline sales value figures.
  • Sales vs Gaps provides a visual breakdown of the month by month spend profile of each of your customers, highlighting any ‘zero value’ gaps in their spend.
  • Full Picture gives a clear overview of your year to date sales performance figures including sales value, gross profit and quantity sold.
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Map works with your MyCalls diary, allowing you to view the locations of your planned interactions on a map, meaning you can see information about your upcoming interaction’s account and get an estimated travel time and distance from your current location to their destination at the touch of just one button, saving you time and effort.


MyCalls is the integrated activity planner and customer record management tool within sales-i. Allowing you to schedule calls, meetings and follow-ups, MyCalls also records call notes, outcomes and next actions for easy customer management.

  • See what calls have been automatically planned for your day
  • Stay on top of your pipeline by following up on any outstanding calls
  • Prioritise by filtering current or archived calls.

Purchase-i (Paid Add On)

purchase-i is designed specifically to make the life of any purchasing or finance department much easier.

The system allows you to track the cost of every purchase right down to the item’s cost, color and size.

This makes it incredibly easy to compare the costs at which your buyers are purchasing and, as a result, work out which suppliers are best to purchase from.

What’s more, your buying team will track their progress at each meeting, so you can monitor exactly what’s been agreed, even after a buyer has left the company.

  • Improve Supplier Visibility
  • Prioritise your suppliers
  • Improve buying power
  • Easily plan ahead

Sales Activity Dashboard (PAID ADD ON)

The Sales Activity Dashboard allows you to track how you are performing compared to target, and from a managerial perspective, to monitor the overall performance of your team. You can track pipeline activity, sales against target and recorded activity points directly in a single dashboard.

To add Sales Activity Dashboard to your account, please contact your account manager by clicking on the button below.

sales-i Go (Free Add On)

sales-i Go is perfect for salespeople on the go. Designed specifically for iOS, sales-i Go puts all the information needed to complete a successful sales call in the palm of your hand.

The new Routing feature ensures sales people can map out the most effective & time saving routes for their daily appointments. For users who are based at home, they can save their home address as their starting point for routing in the app. Managing calls list, adding calls and creating follow up actions is easier then ever, with Insight being available for each call to provide a quick summary for the sales people before an important appointment. Users can easily go into the main sales-i app too, without having to log out of sales-i Go should they require even further information for their calls or appointments.

To download sales-i Go for your Apple device click here.


Create rich, customer-facing reports in seconds using Snapshot.

Include top-selling products, purchasing patterns, sales values and much more in a well-presented report for your customer meetings.


Keep your team on track with the ability to set targets and monitor performance in sales-i.

Create and track your attainment of targets against sales rep, product lines, customer accounts and much more with ease.