How to add a new user

This guide will show you how to add and set up a new sales-i user. Please note: You will need to email once set up is complete to activate the user.


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Step 1: Go to Control Panel

From the black navigation bar at the top of the screen, click Control Panel.



Step 2: Go To Manage Users

Click Manage Users. It’s the fourth tab from the left.

how to add a user 2-01


Step 3: Add Users

Click Add User on the left of the screen.

Please note: You now to need to email to activate the user.

how to add a user 3-01


Step 4: User Tabs

A box will now appear with the following tabs:


Step 4.1: User

Fill in all of the mandatory fields.

Please Note: The user name must be completely unique and easy to remember. We recommend using an email address.

how to add a new user 4


Step 4.2: Login

Use this tab if password Reset is required in the future.

how to add a new user 5


Step 4.3: Functions

This tab will be greyed out for now. As soon as you’ve saved and created the new user however, this tab will become available. This is simply because, until you tell sales-i which type of user you’ll need, it doesn’t know which options to show you under this tab. Use this tab as and when you need it, but this will allow you to add/remove the following options to someone’s account: Print, Export, Target, CRM, Snapshot, Campaign Manager, Upload Documents, Email Multiple Users, Autopilot.


Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 15.04.21



Step 4.4: Restrictions

Adding a user to a restriction will restrict their view to those accounts only. Simply click the + button in the bottom left-hand corner of the window, choose the restriction/s you wish to place against the user, then select Add Restriction when you’re done. Return to this tab whenever you want to see which restrictions a user has against them or to add/remove them from restrictions.

Want to learn how to create a user group? Click here for the how to.

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Step 4.5: Security

Options relating to CRM access: Select as required and click Add to apply.

Although you may restrict a user to see specific sales information you may wish to allow them to see Record Card information for other accounts.

how to add a new user 7


Step 4.6: Dial Preferences

For VOIP users only. Use as required to set up dialling preferences.

how to add a new user 8


Step 4.7: Other

Select options as required.

If you wish to remove GP, Profit and Cost for a user then check Customer Mode.

However, you may want a user with Customer Mode enabled to view Customer Level Campaigns and/or Global Saved Enquiries. If so, check as appropriate.

how to add a new user 9


Step 4.8: Mail Preferences

Select Email, Post, Phone and SMS preferences as required.

how to add a new user 10


Step 4.9: Language Preferences

Select which language you would like the user to receive email notifications and autopilot downloads in.

When you’re done, hit Add in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

how to add a new user 11


Step 5: Edit User

Simply find and select the user in the users list and click Edit User. The user will need to log out and then back in again for the changes to take effect.

You should also click on Refresh List to ensure any recent changes have been applied.