Pins in sales-i explained

Pins allows you to pin some of your favorite areas of the system to your home screen, making it easier to find what you want each time you log in. Below is a detailed explanation of exactly what Pins does and does not allow you to do.

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What Pins allows you to do:

  • There are 6 types of things you can pin to your sales-i home screen on your Apple device: Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Campaigns, Saved Enquiries and Saved Searches.
  • There are 2 types of things you can pin to your sales-i home screen on your Android device: Accounts, and Saved Searches.
  • Please note: Swiping left on a pin will reveal a delete button if you want to remove any of the pins.

The limitations of Pins:

  • Pins does not allow you to synchronize across devices, meaning if you use an iPad and an iPhone, you’ll have to add pins to each device.
  • Pins does not allow you to share between users on the same device, so if you have a shared iPad for the business, each sales-i account will have its own unique pins rather than shared pins across the device.
  • You cannot have unlimited pins, they’re capped at 100 pins per user.
  • If the app is deleted, Pins are too.
  • When an item is Pinned, it’s a snapshot of the information at that given time and cannot update. If someone changes the name from another device or platform, the pin will not know of this change as it is saved offline on the device. If, however, you change it on the same device where the Pin is stored, it will update.

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