How to pin an opportunity

Pins is a feature which allows you to pin some of your favorite areas of the system to your home screen, making it easier to find what you want each time you log-in. This guide explains how to pin an Opportunity.


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Step 1: Tap Accounts

From the sales-i home screen, tap Accounts.

How to pin an Account - Apple 1-01 copy


Step 2: Tap the search icon.
Tap the search icon.

How to pin an Account - Apple 2-01 copy


Step 3: Tap Search for

Tap Search For.

Type the name of the account you wish to find and tap Apply.

How to pin an Account - Apple 3-01 copy


Step 4: Select Account

Tap on the selected account to view their account details.

How to pin an Opportunity 4-01


Step 5: Select Opportunities

Next, tap Opportunities in the Actions section.

How to pin an Opportunity 5-01


Step 6: Tap on your chosen opportunity

Tap on the selected opportunity you would like to pin.

How to pin an Opportunity 6-01


Step 7: Tap Pin

A message will ask you 'Would you like to Pin this account?'

Tap Pin.

How to pin an Opportunity 7-01


Step 8: Tap Pins

Your Account has now been pinned to the home screen.

To access a list of your pins - Navigate to the sales-i home screen and tap Pins.

How to pin a contact 10-01


Step 9: Your pins

You will now see a list of all of your pins, tap on your chosen pin to access it.

Don't forget you can also pin Accounts, Contacts, Saved Searches, Campaigns, Targets and Saved Enquiries on your Apple device.

How to pin a contact 11-01


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